A most amazing thing has happened. I managed to insert that last 3 seconds or so at the end of the ad! But it only took me about 4 hours! Why? Well because I learned how to use After Effects!

So I downloaded AE CS4 and I had no idea what was happening on the screen. So I spent a good 3 of those hours learning how to use AE from tutorials. The last 2 bits were meant to be the tag line of the ad and so through trial and error I got the last scene in but I wanted to spruce it up a bit so I added glimmer and shine to the end which surprised me because I was amazed that effects were actually made from scratch!

I fixed it up and so then rendered it.

It is done and I am quite happy about it. Even if I don’t get the most amazing mark for it, I’m glad I managed to learn AE and make something I never thought I could’ve made


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