The schedule narrows ever more so much so that I was forced to drop my piano collaborator from this project as going over to her place to record the song would take too long so I am now forced to work only with guitar. 

Besides that, I have acquired the entire Adobe suite and have begun watching tutorials on how to use After Effects and I am finding all this wealth of knowledge not only interesting but stirring up an excitement for this project that I hadn’t felt for an assignment since year 10! The concepts on AE seem difficult but not impossible and what’s a project without challenges? Without them its not a project but a walk in a park. 

I finished off parts 1 and 2 for the Theory and planned out the rest which I am looking forward to finish soon. 

I still need to find actors for my music video though! 


Wallet’s gotten a little lighter and for that I a little sad. 

Anyway, I bought the hardware (the laptop) with a pretty decent set of specs and now I’m gonna meet up with a friend to secure the camera. Oh yeah. 

Now next week, I’ll record the song then get the camera so I can start with the theory as soon as possible 

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Kids if there’s a lesson in life I’d like to share it’s that you must NEVER EVER leave anything to the last minute. It will screw you up in more ways than one I’ll you that much. How is the relevant? Well the IPT assignment is quite chunky and there a lot of things I have to do to get it done PLUS the Himalayan amount of other work I have to do. Well now what? Well the best thing to do is to plan and do it and that’s what I’m doing. 

Thanks to this planning, I have managed to get a number of things done since last week. So last week the song hadn’t even been thought of but I managed to write it and finished it including the melody for it just today! It’s sounding really cool and I’m really glad on how it turned out.  I just hope people will like it. To help me with the piano, since I wrote it as a piano piece, I’m commissioning the help of a very helpful year 10 student who’s quite skilled at piano, She’ll record the song with me which I’m looking forward to a lot. 

On the hardware front, I’ve narrowed down the laptops I’m thinking of buying and my budget actually allowed for a more expensive machine which would be great since the hardware I’m going to use will be energy and processor power intensive. For the first time, I’m really excited about doing this assignment. I even thought of the potential music video! 

I’ll be uploading the product in my official YouTube channel and not the IPT one and so Mr Zupan please subscribe:


I’ve definitely settled on a music video. I know I can write a song (singing it well I hope be marked) and I have the equipment for recording but actually editing and putting it together would be a challenge. Also the music video itself is hardware intensive because I need a pretty decent camera and an even better laptop to the programs I need. My old laptop crapped out on me and so I have no laptop (since my brother and dad won’t let me borrow theirs).

To address this, I’m going to buy a new laptop that’s economical (because I’m a poor mother trucker) but also powerful. I intend to save for a few more weeks before buying it and I hope I choose the right one. I think I’ll need a hard drive as well. Well anyway, in terms of the camera, Mr Zupan is going to talk to Mr Lunnon about possibly letting me borrow the school DSLR. I sure I get clearance because I’ll be broke if I keep this up!

I’m also starting to examine the possible song genres I could possibly do. Song writing will begin this week as well!



Got the assignment and Zupan thinks it’s small. 

It ain’t

It so ain’t 

Me thinks I’ll do a music video 


Pic Related: my hero ❤ 


So I had to re-write my journal #8 which blows but what ever.

I only need to do the SQL section, the prototype question and link the reports and stuff together and I AM DONE. Yeah. I’ll need some help for the prototype question though, ive no idea what to write!

Things are getting busy though. Like damn.