The holidays have arrived and woopie I am getting a lot done. The first section of the assessment is done and would be done sometime this week because each would probably take a day to complete While making the logo, I learned some pretty cool Photoshop tricks like path stroking to try and get a glow in the dark effect but that didn’t go so well so I went for a simpler crayon look. I also intend to make my database much like a star catalogue which sucks because I had to research about celestial coordinate systems but it was worth it because I am pretty interested in it. Populating the DB with records however…..that’ll be a headache.

Patientia via ad victoria est


Exams, Exam, Exams. Exams, Exams.

Long story short probably my worst week so far in 2014 has passed and so no advances in the assignment have been made. But with the IPT exam looming, I have been studying for that and I that regard, I’m studying hard, especially the section on Database Management.

On a completely different note, I have been doing some thinking and I’m considering doing my IPT Multimedia Assignment as a music video with crazy animations featuring a song, I wrote, recorded and mixed. I’m pretty excited! Hopefully Mr Zupan would help me.


Things are getting delayed assignment wise because of the approaching exams slated for this and next week. So there won’t be any progress on that front until after the exam and right after the last exam, I intend to start.

We have been going over lots of past papers from James Ruse and in that, we did some epic reviews on IS/DB and printing out notes from various sources would help in doing this assignment.


Progress has been slow in terms of this because of the half yearlies coming up BUT I had a look at the tutorials Mr Zupan gave to us and by the gods is it freaking substantial. It covers all the advanced stuff within access like switch boards and calculated fields and it has the advantage that it decreases the search time it would take to find good tutorials for this stuff. Also, I’ve accepted the fact that I’ll have to start this assignment right after the exams so no breaks after the exams.



Pic related: switchboard


The homework task was a little harder than I had first thought but at least it would help me with my assignment. So in designing forms, I would always just used to make a random one from a query but not really how to design one purely for data entry and so I looked it up and gave it a go. In a way, I made it harder for myself but at least now I know how to do it and potentially use it for my assignment database. 

I also found that parameter based queries were much simpler than I first thought to do so they should be a sinch to incorporate. 

I hadn’t planned my assignment yet because of various other subjects that needed priority but I’ll get it done soon enough 


All last week I got my hands on some IPT notes and started to study them. Compound that with the work we do in class and I believe that I am quite ready to work on this assignment right after I finish off the Viva Voce for English tomorrow. Planning for the assignment will begin tomorrow and I should start at it just as the Half Yearlies are about to begin.

Also for the homework task this week, we had to include switch boards and calculated queries, I’ll be definitely including that in my databases!

I’ve also done some research on what to populate my database with. With the nerd I am, I’ll probably make a catalogue of galaxies and categorize them into luminosity, star count, discoverer etc.

A major problem for this assignment will be the half-yearlies, I won’t be getting to this assignment until at least mid-way of the examination period. I pray my time management skills don’t crap out on my now. Only planning and persistence will get me there!


Its that time of the year again. More journals and this times its for the 2nd IPT assignment on Databases. Though practically easier this presents itself as s double edged blade. Since it is easy, I can use it to climb the ranks but since it is easy, it would give others to do so as well. Of this I shall endeavour that I will best them all and the sole path to that is smart, hard and consistent work.

The work on SQL really aided my understanding of databases and my skills in constructing one was honed further by the small database task from last week’s homework. I’ll make some more notes on this later though.

I haven’t started this assignment yet but will be planning when I will do the specific parts and decide on what to make a database about in the coming week.


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